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TOP 10 most profitable working professions from the Ministry of Education and Science

TOP 10 most profitable working professions from the Ministry of Education and Science

First, find out what the child already knows about the coronavirus (ask an open-ended question). Ask how she feels about it. Acknowledge her experience (for example, by saying that it can be really scary) and share facts that will help eliminate misunderstandings and unnecessary fears of the child, especially about the degree of threat to life. Allow the child to direct the conversation. Anticipate difficult questions, but do not force their discussion. It is not necessary to overload the child with information. Let your child know that she can ask you new questions at any time. Stay calm during the conversation. It is better to talk to the child earlier to immediately become a source of reliable information for her. Be honest with your child, but let her know that you are okay and that she should not worry about you, that if necessary, you will take care of yourself or you will be helped by other adults. The child should not feel responsible for what is happening. If you are upset or worried about the coronavirus, share it with your child, but say that your emotional state will soon improve.

What to tell

Share the facts, but don’t complicate them, and focus on the positive scenarios. Convince your child that most people carry the disease easily and recover completely in a few weeks. Explain that children get coronavirus very rarely, and when it does, it looks like a cold. We can say that pets are not infected with coronavirus. Tell her about the main symptoms and ask her to let you know if she feels unwell. Explain that people all over the world are working on this problem, caring for each other, developing vaccines and medicines. If they are worried about their grandparents, say that they are very careful on their part, and focus on a positive scenario. You can at this time tell the child how the human body is arranged, what viruses are and how the body fights them, how we can help the body when we are sick, that the symptoms are a sign that the immune system is working. If your family’s daily routine and routine have changed or you anticipate it, explain to your child why this is happening and what they should do. Explain what exactly the child should do. This will help her feel in control of the situation. When talking about the coronavirus, make a reference to the child’s past experience. Explain that getting a coronavirus is like catching a cold, and quarantine is like a vacation or a weekend.coronavirus



Resources to help navigate the world of professions with the lifecell Campus Club

How not to be mistaken when choosing a profession: life hacks, advice, sources

We analyze the resources that help to navigate in a diverse world of professions with the club "lifecell Camps ".

Virtual reality designer, personal content curator, biohacker, space guide. Sound a bit fantastic? But this is a list of professions that will appear on the labor market by 2025, according to a study by Microsoft Surface and The Future Laboratory.

The world is changing rapidly. Much of people’s daily work is already automated thanks to computerscomputer programs, withnew specialties https://123helpme.me/ethan-frome/ appear, and some professions are a thing of the past.

The coronavirus epidemic and the associated quarantine have posed new challenges to society, when the ability to work remotely can be a great advantage. Not every profession allows you to work from home.

How in such circumstances not to get confused and correctly decide on a future specialty?

Even in a fleeting world, the most important thing is that the profession is to your liking and helps to realize the abilities, talents and aspirations of man. Interesting tests for career guidance will help in this.

TOP 5 tests that will come in handy

1. This is a popular Dutch test to determine professional personality types, which is widely used in European countries. The test was developed by an American scientist, professor of psychology. This technique is designed for schoolchildren as well as adults who would like to change professions.

In this test, the profession is indicated in pairs. From each pair you need to select exactly the profession you prefer (84 professions, of which you must choose 42). Then with the help of the key to the test you can find out what professional type you belong to: realistic, intellectual, social, conventional, entrepreneurial or artistic.

2. Another popular test that helps determine their preferences and abilities is the diagnostic method of Lithuanian psychologist L. Jovajsa. This test tells you which type of activity best suits your character. It consists of 30 questions.

And these three tests will help to fully reveal your talents:

3. Methods of determining the general creative abilities of man. The test consists of 20 statements with which you must agree or disagree.

4. Methods of research of special abilities of the person. The test has 42 statements that need to be marked, do you agree with them or not.

5. Methods of research of the volitional organization of the personality. The test consists of 56 statements with which you must agree or disagree. Allows you to determine which professions a student is prone to.

More tests on the site proforientator.info.

Another way to help choose a future profession is to communicate with the representatives of the profession you prefer. The specialist can describe in detail the pros and cons, as well as alarming trends in their specialty. Such experts can be found on social networks.

Some bloggers and users quite openly describe the "inner kitchen" of their own work, post photos, willingly communicate with subscribers. But some of them are very embellishing of reality, so it is better to seek advice from several representatives of the chosen profession, both on social networks and in real life.

There is another indicator that is important for the entrant to focus on – the future salary.

Not the only bread … Or bread?

The profession should not only be fun, but also profitable. That is why after passing the tests for career guidance it is important to know how work is paid in a particular field. We’ve put together links to help you view the highest-paying vacancies.

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TOP 10 most profitable working professions from the Ministry of Education and Science >>>

At the same time you need a memoryThe situation on the labor market is constantly changing and high-paying professions may cease to be so tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to monitor information and read articles about which vacancies will be relevant in the future. This will help you avoid common mistakes when choosing a profession.

5 common mistakes when choosing a future profession

Today it is very rare to observe a situation when a person holds only one position all his life. In the age of the Internet, you can work in various fields, and you can even get a new specialty on your own in online courses. Therefore, the wrong choice of profession is not a disaster. However, if you know the most common mistakes about future employment, you can make a better choice. Here are some of them:

1. Information above all. Read, watch, analyze. Choosing a profession without a detailed study of comprehensive information about it is a very annoying mistake.

2. Does a friend agitate to join together? Choosing a profession "for the company" is a bad idea. Your friend has a different character and interests, so you should decide for yourself, given your talents.

3. Do you love theater or cinema and dream of being popular as a favorite actor? Very often future entrants notice only the attractive side of the profession. Once upon a time, almost all boys wanted to be astronauts, but now many want to become a programmer. However, in addition to pleasant moments such as high salaries, this specialty has its difficulties.

So, A representative of the IT industry must work hard, constantly learn, improve and respond quickly to changes in the IT industry, as well as be fluent in English. The profession suffers from hypodynamics and related health problems.

4. Do you like the lessons of one of the teachers? A good teacher is able to instill love for his subject. However, one curiosity is not enough here. You need to know who you will work with after graduation and general prospects.

For example, for biology enthusiasts, there are options to become a doctor, veterinarian, pharmacist, nutritionist, zoologist, geneticist, virologist, agronomist, forestry engineer, ecologist, breeder or reclamation worker. Do you want to be one of them? If not, you should not choose a profession under the influence of a charismatic teacher.

5. Do you like watching TV series "Ambulance", "Doctor House", "Sklifosovsky"? Physicians in the movies can be very attractive and bright, real heroes, and can be cynics, causing conflicting feelings.

Important memoryto think that a film is the fruit of the imagination of its authors, not real life. You should not choose a specialty under the influence of TV series, where there is a romanticization of certain professions.

Here are some more resources to help parents and students navigate their professional future.

Useful resources for entrants

Vocational guidance platform of the State Employment Service

In addition to career guidance, the platform also contains tests for analytical abilities, stress resistance, propensity to do business, etc.

lifecell Campus

A super useful resource for students. Offers great deals and discounts on tuition, entertainment and a host of other interesting things.


The site contains a lot of advice, life hacks, stories of professionals in various specialties, links to professional forums and much more.

Where to go

It is a platform for students, entrants and parents, which contains information about educational institutions in Ukraine and abroad, stories about different professions and more.


Up-to-date information on the coronavirus from the World Health Organization

Frequently asked questions and recommendations about coronavirus

In the so-calleddue to the threat of coronavirus infection and measures, used by governments, to prevent its spread, we offer to get acquainted with the actual information concerning the coronavirus from the World Health Organization.