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Ultimately, flying is the safest way to travel that one can imagine.

Ultimately, flying is the safest way to travel that one can imagine.

The protective status of the wolf and more legal security for hunters should also play a role.

The Brandenburg town of Stahnsdorf near Potsdam hit the headlines in spring because of problems with wild boars. There, hunting with a bow and arrow was brought into play after around 70 animals had visited the place within a year and caused damage there.

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According to Reinwald, the Bundesjagdverband continues to be critical of the hunting method, but welcomes a planned scientific project on the subject. “We are eagerly awaiting the result,” said Reinwald. He assessed the ricochet behavior of the arrows as potentially risky: “How does an arrow behave if it ricochets off a curb, for example?”

As things stand at present, bow hunting could start in the Brandenburg communities of Stahnsdorf and Kleinmachnow as early as June. According to a spokesman for the Brandenburg Environment Ministry, the approval process is “in the final phase”.

Bowhunting advocates say that the number of wild boars with rifles cannot be sufficiently reduced. They also consider bow hunting in towns to be less dangerous than the use of firearms.

In order to decimate wild boars in settlements, from the point of view of the hunters’ association, a feeding ban would have to be enforced. “After all, they are wild pigs and not domestic pigs,” said Reinwald. After the cool spring of 2018 and the dry summer of last year, the animals could not reproduce as much, at least in the forests. According to the information, around half a million animals are expected to be killed in the 2018/2019 hunting season. In 2017/2018 a record number of 836,000 wild boars were shot.

The hunters are also concerned about the still open question of legal security with regard to the shooting of wolves. The animals were approaching inhabited areas and were tearing more and more sheep, horses and cattle, explained Reinwald and called for less strict protection for the animals. According to his information, there were around 1300 wolves in Germany in the spring. According to Reinwald, there could be around 2,000 animals in just three years.

The hunters demanded a wild ecological spatial planning for the wolf. Areas would have to be designated where territorial packs are not tolerated, for example in urban areas or in dike regions.

Many travelers have a queasy feeling in their stomach when boarding a plane. However, the fear of flying can increase so much in some people that air travel is only possible with extreme tension or not at all.community service essay pdf Those who want to overcome their fear of flying and be permanently rid of it can resort to targeted training or medication.

Flight travel guide

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The different faces of the fear of flying

Everyone reacts differently to nervous stress. Fear of flying can manifest itself as a slight discomfort and increased sweating, but in more severe cases it can also cause strong physical reactions such as dizziness, shortness of breath, heart problems, urination or defecation, or even cause vomiting. Regardless of the reactions that occur in a specific case, the trigger is the central nervous system, which puts the whole body on alert when danger threatens. The central nervous system reacts to danger, making no distinction between real and imagined dangers. As soon as the person feels fear through his thoughts, physical processes take place. This process is completely normal and shows that the body is functional. If you want to overcome your fear of flying, you must first understand these relationships in order to be able to better control them through targeted training.

Fear of flying training

Many anxiety patients can overcome their fear of flying with the help of a fear of flying training. The aim of this training is to interrupt the cycle of fearful thoughts, physical reactions and the associated avoidance behavior. The courses, some of which are offered directly by airlines, make use of modern behavior therapy, which is specifically aimed at changing the current situation.

Homeopathy against fear of flying

Many afraid of flying patients feel safer if they have medication on hand in case of an emergency. Often enough, the certainty that you have medication with you without actually having to take it is sufficient. It is important not to resort to tranquillizers, as these drugs are very effective, but quickly become addictive and tend to increase anxiety in the long term. If you don’t want to do without medication, you should resort to homeopathic remedies.

Combat fear of flying: Anti-flying drugs: do tablets help against phobia?

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Augsburg (dpa) – For a year, the hunter had been annoyed again and again about the two mixed breed dogs who were free in his territory. “Leni” and “Maja” are said to have killed deer and hares several times.


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When the 53-year-old saw the dogs again in July 2018 after they had killed a rabbit, he made a momentous decision.

He followed the dogs and shot them – when they were on their way home. For this, the hunter was sentenced by the Augsburg District Court to a fine of 4500 euros (90 daily rates of 50 euros). If the judgment becomes final, the man is rid of his hunting license. Because this is usually withdrawn in the event of a penalty over 60 daily rates.

Dozens of bumps on Saturday: swarm quake makes the earth tremble in Vogtland Sauerland: Fatal accident in the sawmill: employee trapped Attack in Saarland: wild boar seriously injures man in his living room Podcast on IS: “New York Times” falls for impostors

The trial came because the hunter had appealed against a penalty order. With the penalty order, which was only issued for over 55 daily rates, he could have kept his hunting license.

District judge Roland Fink made it clear in his judgment that hunters are only allowed to target dogs in very special situations. It is not enough if a dog has poached before or maybe could go poaching again tomorrow. It is imperative that the dog chases animals recognizably at the moment of the shot.

The 53-year-old said in court that it was so – but the judge did not believe him, also because the hunter had described the course of events differently in the police interrogation. At the time of the shooting, it was not even clear whether any game was in the vicinity, the judge said. “They shot the dogs because they had an opportunity.”

The two half-breeds, a sibling pair, were brought from Greece by a Swabian animal welfare association in 2016 and given them to a woman in Königsbrunn near Augsburg. But again and again the enterprising four-legged friends ran around alone near the farm where the owner lived.

The hunter testified in court that he had repeatedly asked the owner to take better care of her animals. “The dogs hunt with a system,” he explained. He had also threatened that he would shoot “Leni” and “Maja” at some point.

The court also criticized the dog owner’s misconduct. Judge Fink made it clear, however, that the hunter should have reacted differently. The police and the public order office would have been responsible to put an end to the annoyance of the dogs running freely – but neither authority ever received a complaint about the 38-year-old owner.

The judge also criticized that the hunter had violated other hunting regulations when shooting. The court found the 53-year-old guilty of property damage, criminal animal killing and negligent bodily harm of the dog owner. Because the woman had to watch the headshot and threw up in horror.

The Civil Code now stipulates that pets are no longer to be viewed as things. In the criminal sense, however, they are still considered things – that’s why the process concerned damage to property.

The plane crash of a Germanwings machine in France not only causes horror and sadness. For many, fear of flying now also arises or increases. In addition, the Easter holidays are approaching – and with it possibly the next flight. A psychologist gives tips on how adults can overcome their discomfort and how parents can best deal with the fear of flying in children and adolescents.

“I would do some research before such a trip and base the flight on numbers and reason,” says Iris Hauth, President of the German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology (DGPPN). “Ultimately, flying is the safest way to travel that one can imagine.”

Raising mind above gut feeling

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), there was one accident for every 4.4 million flights in 2014. This number should be kept in mind, advises Hauth. “Going across the street is more dangerous.”

Adults are more affected by such worries than children, as many fear loss of control. About 15 percent of adults suffer from fear of flying. Canceling the flight during the Easter holidays because of the current disaster is the wrong strategy, because if you avoid the frightening situation, you will increase your fear. It can solidify like this.

Strategies against fear of flying in children

If children no longer want to go on vacation because of the crash, the same applies to them: Avoidance is not the solution. Hauth advises getting children on planes with firm care. The best strategy may be to distract them, like turning on an audiobook. “Children’s attention can be quickly drawn to other issues,” says Hauth.

It is also important to create a relaxed atmosphere before departure. That includes being well rested. Allow enough time for the way to the airport so that there is no hectic pace. If the parents themselves are a little nervous about the flight, it is better to hide this feeling from the children, for example by reading a story with them – this is how you distract yourself.

How should young people behave?

A further complicating factor for young people is that a group of students from Haltern were killed in the crash. This means that identification is much higher than in other aircraft accidents, Hauth knows. Most of them have already done a class trip or a student exchange, some have already flown the route, and young people have often flown with the Germanwings airline. Recognizing the situation could trigger fear.

The same applies to young people: they must clarify the likelihood of such an accident. This factual level works for them just like it does for adults, unlike small children.

Tips against fear of flying

Let the statistics work: A flight is many times safer than a trip on the motorway.

Exposing distorted perceptions: A plane crash is rare and spectacular – reports about it have a stronger effect than reports about car accidents.

Analyze fear: Is there a general fear of confined spaces or fear of heights behind the fear of flying? If so, therapy may be advisable.

Practice relaxation techniques well in advance of the flight so that they can be used effectively in fearful situations.

Find a specific place in the aircraft, for example a place with more legroom or directly at the emergency exit.

Make sure you relax before the day of your flight, for example take your vacation a day earlier and pack your suitcase in good time.

Before departure, relieve tension by moving, for example walking around in the waiting area.

Personal distraction strategies like listening to music, reading a book, chatting with fellow travelers or thinking about a nice experience.

Attend a seminar against fear of flying if the fear persists.

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Bad news: a plane crashed – how do I explain it to my child? Children’s questions: why, why, why? This is how you explain the world to children. Experts provide answers: After a Germanwings crash: How safe is it to fly? Dramatic last minutes: Allegedly there was only one pilot in the Germanwings cockpit

The crash of the Airbus A320 in southern France with 150 deaths unsettled many future passengers. For this reason, the airline concerned, Germanwings, is offering its customers the option of canceling or rebooking flights free of charge. The offer is voluntary on the part of the company, there is no legal claim.

From a legal point of view, fear of flying is not enough to be able to cancel an already booked flight free of charge. The Brandenburg consumer center draws attention to this. For this there must be an “objective and sufficiently concrete risk in individual cases”. Fear of a possible crash in general is not enough.

No cancellation wave yet at Germanwings

However, for personal reasons, travelers can cancel their flight at any time for a fee. The airline must at least fully repay taxes, airport fees and saved costs for food and kerosene. That often makes up a large part of the ticket price – especially if the day of travel is far in the future.

According to a ruling by the Frankfurt am Main Regional Court (Az .: 2-24 S 152/13) in 2014, an airline even has to reimburse the entire ticket price if it cannot prove which costs it actually incurred as a result of the cancellation. Because the airlines could eventually resell the vacated space. However, whether the airline can provide evidence may then have to be clarified in court.

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It remains to be seen in the near future whether larger numbers of passengers will accept the Germanwings goodwill offer.